Would the Women of the House, please rise up? 

There are two things that make me cry, every time, without fail. 1) Watching Tyson play princess with Symphony and Bravery and 2) standing in the midst of a room full of women singing to Jesus. 

Every. Single. Time. The tears just won't stop. 

And you know, now that I've typed that out loud, there's probably a profound connection between those two. 

It's the idea that every little girl knows she a princess until the world tells her she's not. Either by defining princess a certain way or by knocking off your crown. 

Well, it's not true. It's just not true.
Who said princesses have to wear pink?
Who said they have to be doe eyed and pointy toed?
Who said they don't catch bugs or put out fires?
Who said they don't play sports or wear all black?

It wasn't God. The creator of all things. The initiator of the universe or the designer of life. 

He created woman and called the earth, very good. 

She was the CROWN of His creation. Before she did or said or wanted to BE anything, she already was royal. 

And so were you. 

Ya'll, I could talk about this all day every day. But I don't have space or time here so I need you to come to Shine. Not even just for you. For your girls. For your boys.

For the generations who will come up behind us. We HAVE to get this identity, authority, royalty stuff into our souls and spirits now because the time is coming when we'll have to stand up and fight, knowing who we are and WHOSE we are.

Let me rephrase. The time is NOW. We need to get this now because the time to teach and love and nourish our hurting world is NOW.

I believe in you. Now I need YOU to believe in you. 

-Julianna Morlet