The concept of a crown goes way back to ancient times. It was a decorative object made into a circle and worn on the head of a king or a queen, a prince or princess. It is the mark of royalty, honor, and authority. It is the sign of “power or authority to rule”. And is placed on the head of one who has been chosen as the rightful heir to a throne.

You might be surprised how many times the Bible talks about crowns:

We are crowned with righteousness.

We are crowned with victory.

We are crowned with eternal life.

God crowns us with loving kindness and tender mercy.

And praise God – gray hair and living to an old age is a crown.

But perhaps the most powerful and beautiful revelation is that we have been crowned ROYALTY… with all that that implies. 1 Peter 2:9 says,

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”

We are crowned. Once we realize we are God’s Royal kids, we step into a new realm of privilege. We GET to serve, give, love and lay down our lives for those who our KING laid down his life for! We’re his ambassadors – his representatives! We are the crown that God himself boldly holds high for all to see his Majesty and love on this earth!

It’s so good to be Royal!

I know sometimes life has a way of knocking our crown off – or it feels like it’s barely hanging on. Maybe you are feeling like something has knocked your crown off kilter. It could be as simple as buying into what Hollywood says you should look, have and act like. Or similarly comparing yourself to everyone on social media (I read a stat that said, 86% of women who constantly look at social media walk away feeling ‘less than’). Maybe somewhere along the way you had a friend, parent, or some other authority figure tell you that you were worthless or not as pretty or smart or athletic as others. Maybe you had less than the best of family upbringings. Or even more painfully, maybe you are or have been in a domestic violent relationship – whether as a child or an adult. But perhaps the most devastating of all is when you yourself are convinced you are not royalty – you don’t see yourself the way God sees you – you don’t realize you were crowned by God himself to rule and reign in THIS LIFE!

If that’s you today – I just want to remind you how truly valuable you are! How loved by God you are. That you can live anchored in his love for you, a love that is without rival! YOU are without rival. The ways God has moved through the stories and testimonies of your life become your message of hope to this world. No mess up, or words spoken over you, or difficult life circumstance is enough to knock God’s crown off your head. So chin up! Straighten that invisible crown and hold your head up high! You are ROYAL, you are immensely valuable, and this is your ‘for such a time as this’ moment in His-story, to rule and reign and take dominion for his glory! Here’s to embracing your value and rocking your invisible crown!