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I want to take a moment to say what I am sure we have all been thinking.

Thank you. Thank you Pastors Rob and Laura for making the sacrifice 30 years ago. Thank you for stepping out in faith when you had no idea what you were doing. Thank you for saying yes to the call of God. Thank you for not quitting when you felt like it. Thank you for believing in the next generation, and then again in the generation after that and now in a new generation. Thank you for paving the way and marking the trail.

As someone who wasn’t even born when Shoreline first began, I can’t imagine a world without it.

In preparing for the celebration of 30 years of ministry in Austin I was looking through some old pictures and I couldn’t help but notice the consistency in the pictures from the last 3 decades. Yes, there have been different buildings, yes there have been different people, yes there have been different styles and haircuts, but one thing stayed the same. The heart. I saw a picture from the late 80s that said “Christian Faith Center, an oasis of love” I saw another picture from the early 90s and on the wall was a banner that read “…because people matter to God” and then I think about what is said every single week here at Shoreline in our creed “I am loved by God”.

For the last 3 decades Shoreline has been a beacon of hope, a community of joy and a place where people meet face to face with the love of God. The faithfulness and consistency of the leaders of Shoreline Church does not go unnoticed.

So many people have their own story about how Pastor Rob and Laura and Shoreline has changed their life, on behalf of us all, I want to say…



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