I’ve recently had the privilege of being a part of a few events that felt like the truest definition of Sisterhood I’ve experienced in a long time.

In February, a team of 20 women from our church traveled to Ouanaminthe, Haiti to love on some orphaned kids and bless the beautiful women there with a conference. The girls raised money, took time off work, fasted and prayed for months, and once there, worked together tirelessly to make SHINE HAITI women’s conference as special as possible. That’s Sisterhood! As the women arrived on Friday night, we became aware of a few women who had walked four days just to get there... and tragically were robbed along the way.  They had no clothes to wear to the conference. Without hesitation, one of the girls on our team ran to her room and gathered several items of clothing to give to these dear, dear ladies. That’s Sisterhood!

The day after we returned from Haiti, we did a Sisterhood photo shoot. The goal of the day was to ‘capture’ what Sisterhood looks like. Throughout the day, these girls lived it out!! They were pouring life into each other, giving one another piggyback rides, sharing their life stories, cheering one another on. That’s Sisterhood! One beautiful woman, Sandy, came to serve with the details and that she did with excellence... but even more stunning was the fact that she ended up interpreting the conversations, in Spanish, to lovely Juanita. At the end of the day, I had a special moment of expressing to Juanita how valuable, gorgeous and delightful she is... Tears filled her eyes. Because Sandy was there to interpret, Juanita’s heart was filled with joy as she better understood her true worth. That’s Sisterhood! Later we found out that Juanita almost didn’t get to come because she normally cares for her granddaughter. No worries - in stepped Candy to the rescue. She rushed over to watch the baby and Juanita was able to attend. That’s Sisterhood!

Sisterhood is more than just a gathering of girls! It’s the spirit in which we nurture and care for one another, and those who need a little extra TLC. Almost daily, I receive a story of someone who has received love from her ‘sisters.’

In December of last year, Maria, who serves on the hospitality team, reached out for prayer for her daughter Ariel and her youngest grandson. Ariel was not able to work because her son was hospitalized with a rare blood disorder. Everyone prayed and collected money to purchase Christmas pressies for all three children and the mommy... plus HEB gift cards for groceries. As of today, the grandson is healed and Ariel attends Sisterhood. There’s simply nothing like a group of women who will rally around one another and do whatever it takes to make sure all the people in their world are well taken care of! That’s Sisterhood!

My heart is bursting with gratitude for all God has been doing in our hearts individually, and collectively – as a company of women! Together we are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. Together we are stronger and better equipped to live this Christian life in victory! Together we can join hearts and hands to make a difference in the lives of the world around us! That’s Sisterhood!

If you have never been a part of Sisterhood before, we have a place for you; a place to find friendship, acceptance, and belonging; a place to recognize how loved you are by God; a place to serve and make an impact.

Last week, I was talking to a precious woman after church. She shared how there had been a few ‘messy bits’ to her life for a while, but she was so grateful to be back at church. She continued, "I feel so lonely...all I want is to feel like I belong." Gosh! My heart went out to her. I hugged her tight and let her know, God loves her, we love her, and there is a Sisterhood of women who would be honored to do life together with her. That this is a place where she can belong!!

I don’t know what we would do without each other!

That’s Sisterhood!

Sisterhood  = A movement of everyday girls, connected heart and soul, who are passionate about bringing Heaven to Earth.

Belonging  = Acceptance as a natural member or part: a sense of belonging.