We were recently at a family reunion in Colorado with my hubby Rob’s side of the fam. Rob’s sister Elsa and her incredible husband Brian adopted 3 beautiful Haitian children a year ago. This was their first reunion. What a wonder filled time it was to watch these kids merge into this huge family dynamic. One of the boys, Lovence (9 years old) is special needs, yet so full of life! One afternoon, several of us went horseback riding and along he came. However, his parents were a bit concerned he would be too afraid to ride since other horseback riding attempts had failed. We all cheered him on the best we could, but to no avail. He was not about to get on that horse by himself. THEN, brilliance struck and they placed him on a horse with his daddy holding him. Little by little fear melted away from this precious boy, his joy returned, and off they went, happily trotting along the adventuresome Colorado trail.

TRUST in his father changed everything!

I think we’re a lot like Lovence. We ALL struggle with fear about something. A financial set back, loss of a job, changing season, a kid (or our own selves) who’s making poor choices, a health challenge big or small, home/car repairs that need attention, sleep deprivation, a friend or family member (or several) who have something difficult going on in their lives, never ending to do lists, appointments you should make to ensure you are living as healthy as possible - discouragement about your present reality in life about something. I know, like me, you’re probably thinking – I’ve got every single one of these issues... Yikes!

Fear sets in and suddenly you find yourself joyless and unable to move forward in life the way God designed you to live.

There truly is only ONE solution to this human dilemma.


Psalm 9:10 - May everyone who knows your mercy keep putting their TRUST in you, for they can count on you for help NO MATTER WHAT.  

It’s pretty obvious to me that Lovence would not have gotten on that horse with his father, unless his dad he had proven himself faithful – loyal – merciful – helpful - trustworthy in the past.

In the same way, REMEMBER God’s loving kindness and tender mercies toward you in the past and TRUST him once again!

Heavenly Father, you know we need your help in so many ways. Thank you for your mercy and grace in our lives over and over again. What a gift it is that we can trust you and count on you NO MATTER WHAT!