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Every girl I know needs a revelation of how valuable she is. When we understand how valued we are it changes everything: the way we think, the way we act, even our very destiny.

Recently the word “Beloved” has been all up in my heart.

Beloved means adored, cherished, darling, dearest, endeared, favorite, highly valued, precious, prized, treasured, loved.  

Beloved is such a sweet word! When God put that word in my heart, I had no idea all the rich meaning behind it. But I’m a pretty simple girl, so I felt like he said, “Simply cut it into 2 words”: Be. Loved. We don't need to complicate the matter, all we really need to do is allow ourselves to BE loved by God. May I boldly remind you that you are a human BEING, not a human doing. Allow yourself to BE - to spend time in God’s presence. Being LOVED by Him.

The morning I was going to share the vision this value message with some of our team, I had a precious moment with God, in my literal closet, focusing on the word BELOVED... I hadn’t slept well, yet had a full day ahead of me, the team was coming to my home in a few hours. I still needed to tackle all of my morning routine, but I know by now that my time with God sets the tone for my day, it’s the priority, so I was deeply drinking in every ounce of this moment. I desperately needed Heaven’s touch. I was basking in God's love, thinking about how my entire life he has been in constant pursuit of me. I remembered back to when I was 13 years old and had asked Jesus into my heart. At that young and tender age I was beginning to understand my real value and worth… That I was the daughter of a King! There were many days I rushed home from school, so I could read my Bible and spend intimate time with him. I often pictured Jesus and me dancing in a ballroom, as he gazed into my eyes with love so pure and kind, it just made my heart melt. From that time forward I knew my heart was forever and fiercely his. In that sacred closet moment, I once again envisioned the dance. O how I wished time could have stood still... in that moment, all fear and anxiety was gone, all was well with my soul, and I felt nothing could ever shake me from God’s relentless love. Boy, was I enjoying that time with him. Actually I might have been getting a little bit of a big head thinking how I was his special beloved girl... when I suddenly heard his sweet but very clear whisper to may heart say, “You do know why you are my beloved don’t you?” I responded, “Why?” He continued, “Because my son was the BELOVED first - everything always starts in him.” He reminded of when John baptized Jesus, and God spoke and said, “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” There I was thinking it was all about me, but it’s never about us – it’s always about HIM!

We are the beloved because HE is the beloved! God is well pleased with us because he was well pleased with Jesus. We are accepted in him. We are found in him. In him we live and move and have our being. Everything good in our lives starts and ends in HIM! If we could just keep that order straight, God then us, we would live such steady, satisfied, BELOVED lives!

Isaiah 49:16 - NLT – “See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands.”

Isaiah 44:5 – “Some will say, ‘I belong to the Lord.’ Others will write on their hands, ‘I am the Lord’s’”

He has engraved us upon his hands and his name is engraved upon ours!

I love what Ann Voscamp says: “Maybe we all find it easier, safer, to feel like broken misfits then to face the fact that we are the BELOVED. That we belong. Self lies are the destroyer of the soul because they drown out the sacred voice that can never stop whispering your name: BELOVED! Living as one truly loved and cherished by God is the crossbeam that supports an abundant life in Christ. BELOVEDNESS is the center of being, the only real identity, God’s only name for you, the only identity he gives you.”

If you do not see yourself as the beloved – as God’s loved beyond measure daughter, you need to ask him to give you this revelation! Because our individual value revelation will become a global value revolution! As women, we will begin to rise up, take our place and bring help strength & solution to shower the earth with God’s love!

YOU are God’s beloved daughter - he believes in you – he loves you – you are one of a kind – your story matters – your life is important – you are an answer to the problems that your family, your church, your job, your community, and this world has... you are a princess – YOU ARE VALUABLE!