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Arrows are everywhere right now. They’re in style. They’re cute. In fact, I have an arrow bracelet, a few arrow t-shirts and bags, a beautiful arrow painting, and an arrow tattoo.

Arrows might be vogue, but they are also very meaningful to me. They indicate direction, placement — they point the way.

Webster’s defines an arrow as: a slender, straight, generally pointed missile or weapon, designed to be shot at a specific target.

So, arrows also have a targeted purpose. However, in this day and age, we rarely use arrows anymore. Unless we are members of an archery club, or live in the bush and need them for survival, there’s just no need for them. None the less - arrows carry important significance for me. Here’s why.

As many of you know, our 17 yr. old son Caleb was instantly relocated to Heaven, after a car accident on July 14, 2009.

It absolutely was and still is beyond our belief.  Our hearts have a hole the size of Texas, and the pain is still very raw and real. Yet, we are basking in the unchanging love of God and depending on Him as we move forward to carry out His purposes.

Shortly after the accident, I was roaming through the house, as we girls do, and Rob was watching the movie ‘Prince Caspian’ on TV – I passed by the room at the very moment Susan, the oldest Chronicles of Narnia chick, was shooting her quiver full of arrows at the enemies surrounding them. She was shooting them so quickly, one right after the other, successfully contributing to the destruction of the enemy.

Susan had been given this quiver full of arrows, as a gift, from Aslan (the God figure) in the previous movie. These gifts were meant to be used as tools to help in times of need. The beautiful cinematography of that scene is forever etched in my mind. I watched as hundreds of arrows went flying through the sky in slow motion. As I saw that picture, all I could think of was the verses in Psalm 127:3-5:

 “As arrows are in the hand of the Lord, so are one’s children in their youth. Happy is the man whose quiver is full of them… for because of them, your enemies don’t stand a chance against you.”

My heart skipped a beat. Outraged, I literally yelled out to God, “But I have one less arrow God – my legacy – an arrow that I just knew was going to go far, is gone now – He was such a strong leader – I hate this!!” But the sweet Holy Spirit immediately reminded me of a few things. Some of the thoughts He shared were meant to personally help heal and encourage my broken heart and other thoughts were meant for the encouragement of those He knew I would be ministering to.

First, He reminded me that we are eternal beings.

We don’t end life when we leave this planet. God reassured me that Caleb was safe in Heaven and that he wasn’t just sitting around on a cloud somewhere. His earthly destiny was over for now, but Caleb is continuing his eternal destiny and will ever increase in his strengths there in Heaven, so by the time I get there, he will be leading in powerful ways beyond my imagination. What a comfort that was.

Second, He reminded me He has given me many arrows.

No just of birthright, but in our church and beyond, that I have been given the privilege and opportunity to pour into. There are young people and others who are targeted to destroy the enemy’s work for generations to come that will continue my legacy and His work.

Those words are powerfully imprinted on my heart and encourage me on this journey almost every day, because it is my greatest desire and passion to see this next generation go farther than ours, and carry the love, grace and ways of God to their generation!

And finally, God reminded me, that every single one of us, as His children, are His arrows.

Isaiah 49:2-3 says: 

“In the shadow of His hand He hid me; He made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in His quiver."

He said, “You’re my dear servant, through whom I will SHINE.” Wow! God has a specific destiny and purpose for which He created each of us – we are His kids – HIS ARROWS!!

As I mentioned earlier, there are several purposes for arrows, but typically, they are used for hunting & combat… to destroy an enemy. So, He, as the Creator and Chief Archer, is shaping and forming us into the arrows He desires.

He is positioning and setting our course, to be a part of the solution to hunt down & destroy the works of the enemy; every injustice that we see affecting and devastating the precious people in our beautiful world that He so dearly loves and died for.

God designed us to SHINE His light in the darkness that is destroying so many lives.

Bottom line – we are God’s arrows! He has carefully placed us in His quiver (His hands and heart) and He is strategically aiming us directly into the souls of humanity that so desperately need God’s love and grace. The good news is – He will SHINE through us no matter how broken or wobbly our arrows (lives) feel.

I often ‘feel’ incapable and inadequate to be used in strategic ways, yet even in my brokenness –He chooses to use me to help another thirsty, wounded soul.

Through these blogs, my intention is to simply share my life with you. And prayerfully, you will grab a thought or two from my story (& the stories of a few of my friends) that will give you the courage to surrender your life to God’s shaping, so that you will become the polished and strategic arrow He’s uniquely crafting you to be for His purposes and honor!

Concealed in His Quiver,

- Laura